Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Fahi Dhiriulhun Flats: MD Hamdhan Explains the Speed of the Project

The pace of construction of the Fahi Dhiriulhun Corporation (FDC) flats in Hulhumalé has been accelerated since the government took over, said Hamdhan Shakeel, Managing Director of the FDC.
In a post on X yesterday, Hamdhan said 216 slabs were installed in the 22 months since the previous government started construction on the 4,000 housing units. However, since the new government took over, 192 slabs have been laid in the past four months alone, he said.
By optimizing the construction schedule and provision of facilities, the rate of construction has been accelerated from an average of 10 slabs per month to an average of 48 slabs per month, he said.
According to Hamdhan, the scope of the project, initiated by former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s government, did not include the establishment of key services and facilities, such as connecting the towers to the power grid, security systems, and the GPON network for towers and tenants to connect to the internet.
An additional 454.5 million MVR is needed to complete the project, he said. He added that he is working with the government to secure additional finance.
The flats will be built in a total of 32 towers, with each tower standing tall at 18-stories, built through the governments acquisition of a 3.5 billion MVR loan from Exim Bank of India on a governmental sovereign guarantee. They are the 16 towers of Amaan Udhares awarded to JMC, and the 16 towers of Amaan Dhoadhi awarded to NBCC.
The flats will have eight apartments on each floor and will include two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments. There are 1,200 two-bedroom flats and 2,800 three-bedroom flats.
Hamdhan stated that the work on the flats has been accelerated and the company has already said that the 11 towers will be completed and handed over to the government by July.