Tuesday 21st May 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

If Opposition Gains Parliamentary Majority, Housing Promise Will Not be Fulfilled: President

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has said that he will not be able to fulfill his promise, which he deems one of his most important, to provide housing to the people if the opposition is given a majority in parliament.
Speaking at a campaign rally for Ibrahim Mohamed, who is contesting the Galolhu South constituency on the PNC ticket in the upcoming parliamentary elections, the President said all the people should come out and vote for development on the morning of the 21st.
“Our ideology is the ideology of development, we want to ensure the development of the people of the whole country, the important big things that have not happened for the people of this city, from housing to the smallest things,” he said.
The President said the people voted for him in the presidential election to solve major issues, such as housing, and bring about development.
"People voted in the last presidential election to ensure development. I promised to do that work, housing is the most important thing for the people of this city, and the whole country, so after the first promise of freedom, I promised to solve the housing problem," he said.
"This promise will not be fulfilled if we elect people who will work against the government day and night in Parliament.”
President Dr. Muizzu made a presidential promise that his government will provide housing for all the people of Maldives within his term. He has repeatedly said that by the end of these five years, there will be no citizen of Maldives who needs housing, but does not have it.
The President reiterated the importance of the cooperation of the Parliament to bring the solution to the housing problem at a fast pace and fulfill the promise by the end of the five years.
“We cannot achieve this important issue at a fast pace without choosing people who will cooperate with the idea that by the end of five years, as I have promised, at least one house for everyone will be guaranteed,” he said.
Therefore, there is no reason to take a “risk” in voting in the parliamentary elections, he said, adding that the people of Malé City will make the assurances given by the government a reality by electing candidates who are contesting all 17 constituencies.
"We will not waste time. Our vision should be to move forward with the housing issue that is important to the people of Malé and the entire country," he said.
The President said a parliament should not be allowed to exclude a bill when the government introduces it and waste days without putting it on the agenda when the government asks for permission to seek foreign aid to start a housing project.