Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure

Gulhifalhu Dredging and Land Reclamation Completed

The Construction Ministry has announced the completion of dredging and land reclamation work in Gulhifalhu that began under the previous government to provide further housing opportunities to the people of Malé City.
The project was carried out in two phases with loans from European banks and was awarded to Boskalis Group of the Netherlands.
Under the project, 18 million cubic meters of sand has been used to reclaim 192 hectares of the lagoon area. The Construction Ministry said in a post on X that the dredging and land reclamation work was completed on Monday.
The project, which cost about 3 billion MVR, is the largest sand dredging project in Maldives to date.

Earlier, the commercial port was to be set up in Gulhifalhu, but the government has relocated the port to Thilafushu, reserving Gulhifalhu for residential purposes. In addition, the government has decided to add 85 hectares of land to the Gulhifalhu land area.

The government has also decided to transfer some of the land allocated by the previous government to Gulhifalhu from Giraavarufalhu.