Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Ministry of Finance

Government Bans Business Dealings With Officials

The Ministry of Finance has banned the government from engaging in business transactions with people who have family or business connections with the finance officials of state offices.
In addition, the Ministry of Finance has made it mandatory to obtain a permit if you are doing business with other public servants.
According to the Finance Ministry's rules, offices are prohibited from entering into business dealings with anyone who has family or business ties with the leadership of the office in question. The Ministry of Finance can only authorize such action in emergencies.
A public office can conduct business transactions with a person who has familial or business relations with the financial department of the office only with a special permit. The rule also requires that certain circumstances be considered in granting such permission and that a record be maintained on a regular basis. The rule also states that such permission cannot be given permanently.
According to the rule, family relationships are considered to include parents, spouses, children, siblings, brothers or sisters, as well as stepchildren and family members of spouses.
In addition, if a salary or wage is paid to a public servant, he will also be considered a related party. According to the rule, action will be taken under the Finance Rules.