Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

President Sets Example by Listening to Complaints of Citizens on the Road

During his visit to the constituents of Male City, the President set an example for other leaders by taking the time to listen to the voices of those who shared their dissatisfaction with certain circumstances in the country.
The President was aiding in the People’s National Congress (PNC) campaign for various party members who are contesting the upcoming parliamentary election.
Those who met him on the street today are believed to be supporters of Hassan Shiyam (VB Hassan), who tried to contest a parliamentary seat as an independent candidate. They mainly shared their grief with the President over the rejection of Hassan's candidacy.
Aishath Osama, who spoke to the President, said Hassan Shiyam had won a majority in the four polling stations during the PNC primary.
Osama alleged that President Dr. Muizzu had sent a letter canceling Hassan's candidacy while he was contesting the PNC primary. Without giving further details, she accused the President of treating Hassan Shiyam unfairly.
In response, the President said he had not sent such a letter. He said all the allegations about him are false. He said that he had given the opportunity to those who expressed their dissatisfaction with him to say whatever they wanted to say.
In the past, Presidents have not approached people belonging to rival parties or those who would target the president during the campaign. The security around them has been known to be very obstructive.
Former presidents have not been seen approaching people of differing beliefs during their campaigns and listening to their concerns and criticisms.
Hassan Shiyam’s candidacy for the PNC primary began with disappointment, as he had filed his candidacy to contest, but the party chairman, Abdul Raheem, had informed some of the candidates that they will not be able to contest the election for various reasons. Hassan was among them.
The party's president and most senior leader, President Dr. Muizzu, decided to give the opportunity to all the candidates who have submitted their names to contest the party's primary.
However, instead of contesting the primary to secure the party ticket, Hassan decided to contest the election as an independent candidate.
Having thus decided and submitted his candidacy, the Election Commission accepted his candidacy, until a private individual filed a case with the Supreme Court of Maldives where Hassan had a proven debt, and his candidacy was nullified.