Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Minister Ibrahim Faisal

President Ibrahim Played Money Heist After Getting Supermajority in Parliament: Minister Faisal

Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal has said that the previous MDP government played a "money heist" when the people gave the former President a supermajority in the Parliament.
In a Facebook post, Minister Faisal said the parliament gave President Ibrahim a supermajority to run the government without difficulty. When he got the majority, he destroyed the whole country and sold the nation’s independence.
In addition, the difference between the current President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is the difference between knowing and not knowing, he said.
Referring to the slogan of the MDP in the 2024 parliamentary elections, Faisal said he could not understand what the MDP could not do with the supermajority in parliament given to them by the people, along with the presidency.
The total debt of the government stood at 69 billion MVR at the beginning of President Ibrahim's government. During his administration, the debt increased by 60 billion MVR.
In addition, the Sovereign Development Fund, which was established in 2017 to pay off state debts, had only $2 million in dollars at the end of President Ibrahim’s administration after the government stopped depositing money in dollars.
Former President Ibrahim is currently campaigning for the MDP candidates in the 20th Parliamentary Elections. During this period, he and other MDP leadership have been critical of President Dr. Muizzu’s fiscal policies, despite themselves creating massive state debt.