Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Anti Corruption Commission

ACC Investigates Corruption Cases in Badminton Association of Maldives

An Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) investigation team has raided the Badminton Association of Maldives (BAM) office in connection with allegations of corruption.
In a statement to the media, the ACC confirmed that a team of investigators from the commission is currently engaged in acquiring documents and information in relation to a number of corruption-related allegations against the BAM. However, no further details were shared.
The main corruption allegations against BAM officials include renting premises from the owners' private buildings to house BAM employees and buying badminton shuttles for BAM from the association's president, Moosa Nashid, who owns the Askani Sports shop.
There are also issues of unnecessary expenditures, resulting in a lack of budget for the association. Money was spent from assistance received from sponsors and government granted income.
Askani Sports has already filed a complaint with the ACC. The commission then ruled that there was no corruption involved.
However, recently, many problems in the running of the Badminton Association (constitution) have come to light and the current president of the association, Nashid, has been accused of corruption.
The Badminton Association has recommended that the election be held after amending the constitution.
The Commissioner of Sports Mohamed Tholal noted that there are serious problems in the Constitution. Tholal said it was difficult to accept an election as valid without reforming these issues.