Wednesday 24th Jul 2024
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Parliamentary Elections: More Than 11,000 People Re-Register By Deadline

More than 11,000 people have submitted re-registration forms for the parliamentary elections.
The Elections Commission (EC) has announced that 11,169 people have submitted their applications for re-registration by 15:00 yesterday.
The commission said 10,028 applications were accepted. 1,141 forms were not accepted for various reasons.
If anyone had voted in a place other than the place where they voted in the previous presidential election, they would have had to re-register through the EC. The rules require re-registration, even if it is a foreign country or a resort.
The number of registered voters is not low compared to other years, Election Commission Secretary General Hassan Zakariya said.
Previously, the parliamentary elections had been scheduled to be held today. However, the parliamentary elections have been postponed to the 21st of next month due to changes made to the General Elections Act.
In addition, polling stations will be set up in India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. 150 people have registered to vote in these three countries alone.