Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Israeli PM States Rafah Assault ‘Will Happen’

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that the Israeli military will carry out an assault on Rafah, despite humanitarian concerns.
Hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians have been seeking refuge by moving south, with some traveling from the northern tip of Gaza to the southernmost region of Gaza, Rafah, which is next to the Palestinian border with Egypt.
The Israeli government has stated that the assault could be delayed if the two sides come to an agreement where hostages can be released.
As the Israeli assault on Gaza rages on, the Gaza Health Ministry has released figures stating that at least 29,692 Palestinians have been killed, with 69,879 injured, since October 7th. The Israeli government used the skirmish by Hamas freedom fighters as an excuse to launch a full blown assault on Palestine and its people.
The Israeli armed forces have systematically targeted hospitals, schools, and aid shelters in Gaza in an attempt to break their infrastructure and cause as many casualties as possible.