Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

Government to Propose Women’s Development Committee Allowances

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has stated that the government will propose to amend the law to provide allowances to women's development committees.
The President was speaking during his visit to the southern atolls at the GN Atoll Education Center yesterday.
Addressing the people of Fuvahmulah City yesterday, the President said there are legal obstacles in providing the allowances requested by women's development committees.
The President noted that the law prevents women's development committees from receiving Ramadan allowance. However, the President assured that he would try to provide the allowances requested by the women who are proposing to amend such laws.
In addition, he said that the health situation in the city is not at the level it should be. The government would develop the existing hospital to become a complete tertiary hospital.
The President added that three special beach areas will be established in the island as a major beach protection project is underway. Similarly, the President will develop a modern port for the island.
He noted that the project launched in Fuvahmulah to develop all of the existing roads in the island has been stalled, but this government will complete it. The President also promised a 12 km long tar road for the island.
Dr. Muizzu said the government would directly cooperate with the Fuvahmulah City Council to provide an island to benefit the city and allow them to carry out economic activities.