Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Fuvahmulah City Economy to be Developed

To develop the economy of Fuvahmulah City, the government will allocate a nearby island for income generation.
President Dr. Mohammed Muizzu is on a trip to the southern atolls. Addressing the people of Fuvahmulah yesterday, he said the government would work directly to provide an uninhabited island to the city council to develop the economy of the island.
The President noted that there are no suitable islands to be used for economic activities near Fuvahmulah city. However, the President said he would try to give the council an island from a nearby atoll.
The government has decided to allocate uninhabited islands to the Maldivian Atoll Councils to generate revenue for the atoll councils. The President also noted that the rules have been amended to facilitate the acquisition of a islands by councils from nearby atolls.
In addition, small companies engaged in income generation in the islands should work in collaboration with the council, he said. The works in the island should be shaped in a way that benefits the council and the people, he said.
The government has decided to allocate 25 islands to atoll councils under the island allocation project to reduce Atoll Council dependence on the federal government.