Sunday 23rd Jan 2022
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India Out Protest In Fuvahmulah City

People have taken to the streets in Fuvahmulah City, the third-largest city in the Maldives, calling for the removal of Indian military personnel from the country.
Hundreds of protestors joined the rally last Saturday that had been organised by the opposition Progressive Congress Coalition. The protestors called for the immediate exit of the Indian military.
This the first time such a large demonstration against India’s growing influence had been organised outside Malé City. The opposition Coalition had previously organised two demonstrations in Malé City.
In addition to the demonstration, the opposition had organised signing of the Defend Maldives petition, and had also organised several small discussions within the wards of the City.
Several Indian military personnel are currently stationed in different parts of the Maldives. The Solih administration have signed military agreements with India which remain highly classified.