Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Azaan Files Candidady for Hithadhoo Central Constituency

Ahmed Azaan, who is contesting the Hithadhoo Central constituency in the upcoming parliamentary elections, has submitted his candidacy form to the Election Commission (EC).
Azaan submitted his form to the EC early yesterday morning. Many people from Addu who support Azaan went to the place where the form was submitted.
Besides Azaan, current Deputy Mayor of Addu Mohamed Shuaau and Democrats' incumbent Ahmed Rasheed have also announced their intention to contest the Hithadhoo Central constituency. Shuaau is running on the MDP ticket for the constituency. Ahmed Rasheed was previously an MDP MP for Hithadhoo Central, but defected to the Democrats last year upon the party’s formation.
Azaan, founder of Dhiyares and The Maldives Journal, is the youngest candidate contesting the parliamentary elections in Addu. He holds a degree in International Relations from the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy.
As soon as Azaan announced his application, many people on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter congratulated him and wished him success.