Monday 22nd Jul 2024
Dhivehi Edition
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President Dr.Muizzu

New Portal to Submit Matters Directly to President Will Be Opened within 1 Month

The portal to submit matters directly to President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu will be opened within a month. He said this in his presidential statement at the opening of the first session of the Parliament today.
The President said the portal, which will be launched within the next month, will introduce a convenient system for the people of Maldives to submit their requests directly to the President. The President has said that he is directly responsible for the proposals of the people.
He said the government is not going to hide things from the people. The President said that all the work of the government will be conducted in a transparent manner for journalists and the people.
In addition, the President said he would not hesitate to provide all the information to journalists. To this end, all of the government offices are creating media units and providing information to journalists.
“I have met with journalists five times in the last 11 weeks,” the President said.
The President also confirmed that no block list has been made to prevent access to the President's Office, government agencies, or media outlets. Further to this, the President said that a media village will be established in Hulhumalé to solve the problems of media outlets in Maldives.
This government will work as closely as possible with the media and the people, he said.
The President said the “Ahaa” Forum, a special forum for ministers to answer questions directly from the people every two months, was launched in January to establish a bridge between the government and the people. He said he will respond to submissions through the portal every three months.
In addition to visiting families to hear the views of the people, the President will also meet with groups formed among the people, he said.
Dr. Muizzu said his aim is to be a servant who consults the people closely on matters and to consult the people from the bottom up in running the country's affairs.