Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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India Unresponsive Over Its Army’s Boarding Maldivian Fishing Boats

The Indian government has not yet responded to the request of the Maldivian government to clarify the incident.
Recently, the Maldivian government has asked the Indian government for details of the case of three fishing boats in Maldives SEZ without the knowledge of any relevant authority in Maldives.
However, a government official told Dhiyares today that the Indian government has not yet responded to the request.
Indian troops boarded and threatened the crews of the Asuruma-3, Niru-7 and Mahora-3 boats on Wednesday. Mahora-3 was then boarded for the second time on Thursday night.
Videos of Indian troops boarding the boats have also been posted on social media. The videos were released by the Bodu Kanneli Fishermen's Union (BKMU).
According to videos, the Indian troops boarded the boats and searched them. The fishermen have stated that the Indian army also tried to get the satellite phone numbers of the boats and threatened the crews over this issue.
The soldiers also allegedly tried to destroy the evidence of their involvement by deleting pictures and videos taken by the fishermen.