Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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MP Ahmed Azaan

MP Azaan Calls for Urgent Inquiry into Sovereignty Violations by Previous Government

MP Ahmed Azaan, representing the Hithadhoo Central constituency, has urged the Security Services Committee of the Parliament to prioritize investigating the actions of the previous government that allegedly undermined the sovereignty and independence of the Maldives.
MP Azaan made this statement during today's session of the Security Services Committee, where the discussion focused on how the committee's work will be carried out. This was the second session of the committee in the 20th Majlis.
Azaan highlighted that the Maldivian people elected President Dr. Mohammed Muizzu in last year's presidential election because they believed the previous administration had engaged in activities that compromised the nation's independence and sovereignty.
He emphasized that one of the primary responsibilities of the 241 Committee would be to investigate the numerous actions taken by the previous administration that allegedly weakened the Maldives' sovereignty. "The committee should prioritize investigating violations of the Maldives’ sovereignty and independence," he stated.

"The committee should utilize the constitutional powers granted to it to thoroughly investigate these matters," Azaan added.

He further urged the committee to consider these issues a priority when determining their work agenda.

Before his election to Parliament, Azaan was a journalist known for his vocal stance on India's increasing influence over the Maldives.