Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

King Ali’s Sacrifice Demonstrates Importance of Not Bowing to Foreign Powers: President

The President has said that the sacrifice of King Ali calls demonstrates to current political leaders of the country the importance of not bowing at the foot of any foreign power.
Addressing the nation on the occasion of Martyrs' Day today, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said that the day has undertones of betrayal, highlighting how the political rivalry among the people of Maldives went beyond the country’s borders and reached foreign powers.
The President noted that King Kalhu Mohamed left the islands and revenue of the state to Cannanore Aliraja for the sake of his rule. The President also highlighted how his grandson King Hassan IX left Maldives and sought the help of the Portuguese.
The President said that the Martyrs' Day is a testament for remembrance of how foreign forces work. The Portuguese enslaved Maldives at the invitation of King Hassan but did not give him the kingdom and power he requested, he said. They did not even provide him with a way to return to Maldives, he said.
Looking at the lessons learned, the President said the jihad of King Ali addresses today's politicians not to fall at the feet of a foreign power, in order to secure the safety of all Maldivians.
In addition, the jihad addresses the media to bring genuine news to the country and not to spread falsities. The jihad advises the youth not to transgress their religion and country in the course of their youth, he said.
The President further said that the people of Maldives will defend the country by regaining the independence of Maldives and restoring the islands left to foreign powers by King Mohamed. This government will make Maldives a place where there is no place for any foreign troops and will recover the lost part of Maldives’ seas, he said today.
“My sincere appeal on the day of the proud martyrs is this. Be loyal to the country. Respect and love the religion. Be loyal to the state,” the President concluded his address.