Tuesday 16th Apr 2024
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Indian Troops Boarded Fishing Boats, Violating International Law: Defense Ministry

Indian troops entered Maldives’ Exclusive Economic Zone and boarded Maldivian fishing boats in violation of international law, the Defense Ministry said.
A Coast Guard vessel was sent to the area on the orders of the President after receiving information that foreign troops had boarded the Asuruma-3 fishing boat, 72 nautical miles north-east of Dhihdhoo. The Coast Guard ensured the safety of the boat and the crew.
The statement also said that the investigation revealed that two other Maldivian fishing boats had been boarded by foreign troops. They were the Mohora-3 and Niru-7, and the soldiers were from Indian Coast Guard boats numbered 246 and 253, the Defense Ministry said.
The ministry further said that the Indian troops boarded the fishing boats fishing in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) without obtaining permission from any relevant authority.
The Defense Ministry said it had formally requested details regarding the operation from the Indian government through their External Affairs Ministry on February 1st.

The Ministry of Defense has urged the fishermen to continue their efforts to benefit from the Maldivian waters.