Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Government Investigating Two Indian Coast Guard Ships that Entered Maldivian EEZ Without Permission

Two Indian vessels entered the Maldives’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) yesterday. The soldiers in the vessels boarded three Maldivian fishing boats, interrogated and threatened the crew, the Bodukanneli Fishermen's Union said, quoting the sailor of the Asuruma-3 boat from Mahibadhoo.
The Indian troops boarded the Maldivian fishing boat while it was fishing in the northern area of Maldives’ EEZ. The Indian vessels entered the EEZ without informing the Maldivian government or seeking permission.
A government official told Dhiyares that the two Indian vessels were belonging to the country's coast guard. They have now been identified as ICGS 246 and ICGS 253, he said. These are two fast vessels used by the Indian Coast Guard.
The official said investigations into the two vessels were underway, noting that vessels from other states had never entered Maldives’ territory without permission or knowledge.
Some newspapers claimed that the government did not know if the vessels from the Indian military, however the government has confirmed that they were Indian Coast Guard ships. The incident is being investigated and details are being sought, the government official said.