Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Minister Ibrahim Faisal

The Government will not Harm Local Artists Livelihood: Minister Faisal

The President’s Government will not do anything to harm local artists, the Minister of Tourism, Faisal Ibrahim, said yesterday.
Minister Faisal's comments come as local musicians and artists are expressing concern over the Maldives Association of Tourism Industry's proposal to facilitate the attraction of foreign musicians and artists to Maldives resorts.
Asking to make it easier to bring in musicians from abroad and allow foreign artists to work in resorts, MATI noted that while entertainment is important in the tourism industry, the sector lacks the necessary number of local artists.
However, the artists have expressed concern on social media and accused the resorts of trying to bring in foreign artists and musicians instead of giving priority to local artists.
As the issue escalated, Minister Faisal posted on Facebook that the assurance he had to give to the artists was that the government of President Dr. Muizzu would not do anything to harm the artists livelihood.
Further, Minister Faisal said the President’s aim is to provide more opportunities for the local artists in the tourism sector.
He said he would address all concerned parties in the coming days to listen to their concerns and find solutions to them, on the advice of President Dr. Muizzu.