Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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MATATO Report Shows No Significant Impact of Recent Tensions with India

The Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators recently carried out a report to examine the history of Indian tourist arrivals in Maldives and the impact that recent tensions with India have had on those arrivals. The report has shown that no significant impact has been felt, with a natural decline in arrivals for this time of year happening as per usual.
The report begins by delving into the number of tourist arrivals since 2016, with a low point of 66,000 arrivals from India. MATATO highlighted their efforts between 2016 and 2019 to increase the number of Indian tourist arrivals through the hosting of trade events and attending trade shows to collaborate with Indian travel agencies.
They demonstrate that their efforts, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and MMPRC helped to create an increase to 166,030 Indian tourist arrivals in 2019. These arrival numbers have generally stayed over 200,000 since then, excluding 2020 when most of the year saw Maldives shut its borders due to the global pandemic.
The report concludes that recent events with India have had no tangible impact on arrivals or booking trends from India, with a slight decline being felt now. This decline is not seen as an effect of recent events, but rather the natural decline generally associated with this time of year, as tourist arrivals peak in December and decrease in the months following.
The research methodology used in the report consisted of a blend of quantitative and qualitative research, with the study looking at all forms of accommodation and tourist , and gathering data through a variety of channels. They had achieved over 200 contact points from accommodation providers across the country.