Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Maldivian Aero Opens Bidding for Procurement of Boeing 787

The Maldivian Airline, operated by Island Aviation Services Ltd., has recently opened up bidding proposals for an external provider to supply them with a Boeing 787-8 aircraft. They are currently looking to lease the aircraft for a period of 6 years initially.
Island Aviation, which operates Maldivian, stated that the aircraft will be leased on a dry lease basis. The opportunity is now open to those interested in delivering the aircraft under the conditions set by the company.
The opportunity to register for bids will be open until 25th of this month at 14:30.
The aircraft must have economy and business class seating areas, and the business class must have at least 15-20 seats.
The main objective of the acquisition is to expand Maldivian's international flights.
The Boeing 787-8 has 250 seats. The aircraft has a range of 14,200 km.