Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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President Muizzu Meets with President Erdogan to Deepen Maldives-Turkey Ties

Malé, Maldives — In a significant step towards enhancing bilateral relations, President Dr. Muizzu of the Maldives has conducted a successful meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This meeting, held at the grand Presidential Palace in Turkey, marks an important dialogue in the ongoing efforts to forge stronger connections between the two nations.
During his official trip to Turkey, President Muizzu, accompanied by a high-level delegation, discussed several key issues with President Erdogan. The agenda focused on areas of mutual interest, with a special emphasis on strengthening the relationship between the Maldives and Turkey.
The discussions are believed to have covered a range of topics, including economic cooperation, cultural exchange, and increasing tourism opportunities. Both leaders expressed their commitment to expanding their diplomatic and trade ties, which are anticipated to bring substantial benefits to both countries.
After the conclusion of the UN Climate Change Conference — COP 28, scheduled to be held in the United Arab Emirates on November 30, 2023, President Muizzu is expected to return to the Maldives. His attendance at the conference underscores the Maldives' commitment to addressing global environmental challenges, particularly those related to climate change, which is of critical concern for the low-lying island nation.
This trip to Turkey, along with the participation in the COP 28 conference, highlights the Maldives' active role on the international stage and its dedication to fostering positive relationships with nations around the world.