Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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Ministry of Finance

Supplementary Budget Scrutinized for Missing Legal Information

The Government has prompted the Finance Ministry to ensure all pertinent legal details are included in this year's supplementary budget presented to parliament. The proposed allocation by the Finance Ministry amounts to MVR 6.5 billion, which is segmented into MVR 3.1 billion for recurring expenditure and MVR 3.3 billion set aside for capital expenditure.
That being said, there were some missing details that came up this past Thursday during the supplemental budget presentation. The Democrats, the minority party, brought up the point that the budget document lacked some of the information required by the pertinent laws.
The People's Majlis's Director of Communications, Hasan Ziau, highlighted this oversight, pointing out that in addition to the budget missing some details from the original submission, the documents that were later made available upon request were also found to be incomplete.
In light of these discrepancies, the ministry has been firmly directed to ensure the comprehensive inclusion of all necessary details as per the laws and to resubmit the complete document to the parliament.