Monday 17th Jun 2024
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ACC looks into 75 cases related to Fenaka, orders recovery of MVR 20 Million

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is investigating 75 corruption cases related to the Fenaka company. They have accused the company of multiple malpractices including the misuse of official positions, unauthorized hirings, violation of procurement guidelines, and misappropriation of funds. ACC has demanded a reimbursement of over MVR 20 million.
The ACC stated that the commission has ordered the company to retrieve 20,504,491.54 related to the Fenaka-related cases.
The commission claims that the modifications were mandated to cover 48 operational aspects, 24 policy-related aspects, and 6 recovery-related aspects pertaining to money lost by the company as a result of corrupt practices. 6 more cases of this type were found by the company, and the ACC has requested that the company look into certain matters that require further investigation.
The State-Owned Enterprises Committee of the Parliament and the President's Office will receive a report from the commission that evaluates the risks of corruption in Fenaka's operations, the actions that should be taken to lessen those risks, and the difficulties encountered when looking into the company's cases.