Wednesday 24th Jul 2024
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President-elect's Office Calls for Special Audit of Government Bodies

MALÉ, Maldives - The Office of the President-elect has raised concerns over the state of numerous government agencies and companies, leading to a call for a special audit. These concerns emerged during an intensive data collection phase.
During a press conference on Monday, interim spokesperson Mohamed Firzul elaborated on the findings from the 15 interim teams. These teams were responsible for preparing distinct reports, all of which have been distributed to 77 different agencies. This includes a wide array of government ministries and businesses. These findings are pivotal, as they provide a comprehensive understanding of the present condition of government ministries and institutions. The interim spokesperson emphasized the importance of this data in guiding the new government's policies.
"We have observed that certain organizations and businesses require specialized audits in this regard. In the upcoming days, we intend to request that the Auditor General carry out a special audit of these institutions,"
Interim Spokesperson Mohamed Firzul
"There are issues with their condition, so we need to do a special audit. Right now, we are limited to that level of sharing." Interim spokesperson Mohamed Firzul stated. This move reflects the President-elect's office's commitment to transparency, accountability, and fostering a robust administrative mechanism. As the nation anticipates the results of these specialized audits, there is hope for improved governance and efficiency in the country's institutions.