Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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President Elect Dr.Muizzu

3,500 Guests to attend Dr. Muizzu's Presidential Inauguration

President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu is expected to invite about 3,500 people to his swearing-in ceremony, which is a momentous occasion for the Maldives. On May 17, there will be an oath-taking ceremony where Vice President-elect Hussain Mohamed Latheef will also take the oath of office.
To ensure that this historic occasion receives worldwide attention, the Maldivian Parliament has invited foreign media sources, recognizing the event's importance on a national and worldwide scale. Foreign diplomats holding embassies in the Maldives will be on the special invitation list. Important figures from other nations, including leaders and dignitaries, will also be there to grace the occasion.
The inauguration is anticipated to be a celebration of the Maldives' democratic transition as well as an indication of the country's ongoing dedication to promoting international ties and highlighting its political and cultural achievements in the international sphere. As President-elect Dr. Muizzu gears up to assume office next month, he and his team are diligently working to draft policies and programs. Their focus is to ensure a seamless transition and to address any pending concerns from the outgoing government.