Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Attack on President Nasheed

President Solih's Special Representative Abbas Faiz Clears Political Suspicions in Speaker Nasheed's Assassination Attempt

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's special representative, Abbas Faiz, dispelled speculations surrounding the assassination attempt on Parliament Speaker, Mohamed Nasheed. Initial suspicions, undoubtedly fueled by the turbulent political environment, had hinted at possible involvement or endorsement by governmental. Yet, the exhaustive investigation, it appears, has found no such ties.
The methodical investigation bifurcated its focus into two distinct categories. The first revolved around identifying and investigating the individuals directly involved in planning and executing this audacious attack. The second dove deeper, endeavoring to uncover those who, behind the scenes, took the decision, provided finances, or had any other involvement in the orchestration of the attack.
Abbas alluded to the possibility that the accused received financial support from entities outside their immediate circle. With this being the case, the question that remains is: Who funded this militancy-driven assassination attempt, and what were their ultimate objectives? The analysis of bank statements, digital footprints, and other financial transactions should shed light on this looming shadow.
In the broader context, while the report may quell political tensions arising from finger-pointing and suspicion, it undeniably amplifies concerns over the rise of extremism within The Maldives.