Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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Attack on President Nasheed

Nasheed is living like a prisoner: MP Eva

Member of Parliament for North Galolhu Constituency Eva Abdullah has said that the Parliament Speaker former President Mohamed Nasheed is living like a prisoner following the May 6, 2021 terror attack.
MP Eva, who serves as Deputy Speaker and is from the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), made the statement to Public Service Media (PSM) on the anniversary of the attack.
In her interview, MP Eva said the attack was not just an attack on Nasheed, but rather one on the security of the whole nation.
She noted that trial into the attack is quite slow, adding that deeper investigation and more thorough trials were needed on the issue. MP Eva further noted that it was not plausible that this was a lone wolf attack, hinting that there was a bigger conspiracy behind the attack.
If the state fails to bring these parties to justice, she said that there was no safety either for Nasheed or the country. Since the attack, MP Eva said that Nasheed was living under heightened security and surveillance.
‘He’s not able to go anywhere. He cannot meet anyone. He’s constantly surrounded by six cars,’ she said.
She deplored his condition, urging authorities to broaden their investigation.