Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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MP Afeef Accused Government of Intentionally Delaying Bills

In a recent parliament session, MP Hassan Afeef from Villufushi accused the parliament committee process of intentionally delaying bills as per the government's wishes. He particularly emphasized the Freedom of Assembly Bill, which has been held up.
His comments came in response to allegations by some MDP lawmakers that the chairperson was intentionally stalling the tabling of bills. During a debate on the Industrial Relations Bill introduced by MDP MP Ibrahim Shareef, concerns were raised about the inefficient and potentially biased handling of bills. Shareef criticized the Chair for allowing repetitive discussions on the bill by the same individuals, thereby delaying its completion. Eva Abdulla, a Democratic lawmaker, was chairing the session at the time.
Hassan Afeef, responded by stating that while there are claims of the chair delaying bills, many bills that have been sent to committees have not even been acted upon. He drew attention to the fact that members of these committees were frequently absent from their duties.
Regarding the Freedom of Assembly Bill, Afeef emphasized its long-standing stagnation in the committee. He inferred that the government doesn't wish to pass the bill, leading it to be continually shuffled between committees. Afeef raised concerns about the constitutionally guaranteed rights of the people being undermined by such actions. In the current political landscape, the dominant MDP, wielding its overwhelming super majority, is facing relentless pushback from a rising party of defectors and the resolute minority Democrats.