Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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ELE | NA Spa Clinches "Readers’ Choice - Favorite Spa Brand - Global" Title at GlobalSpa Awards 2023

ELE | NA, a celebrated luminary in the global wellness and spa landscape, proudly marked a significant achievement by winning the "Readers’ Choice - Favorite Spa Brand - Global" at the esteemed GlobalSpa Awards 2023 held on September 17.
This highly regarded accolade underscores ELE | NA’s steadfast devotion to curating unparalleled spa journeys for its patrons and its dedication to sustainable, conscious wellness practices. This recognition, in tandem with the GlobalSpa Awards' theme "Conscious Sustainable Wellbeing," symbolizes ELE | NA's continuous drive to elevate industry standards in holistic health, relaxation, and rejuvenation.
ELE | NA's commitment to the environment stands out, with its relentless efforts to champion eco-centric practices, emphasizing conscious wellness, and minimizing its ecological footprint. This latest achievement further cements ELE | NA's reputation as a frontrunner in seamlessly blending individual wellbeing with planetary stewardship.
Looking forward, ELE | NA divulged its ambitious expansion strategies for 2024. With the objective of propagating its philosophy of conscious sustainable wellbeing worldwide, the brand has set its sights on the Middle East, India, and Sri Lanka. The burgeoning interest in holistic wellness in these regions makes them the perfect locales for ELE | NA's premier spa experiences.
This forthcoming expansion signifies a pivotal moment for ELE | NA, paving the way for a new era of redefining global spa and wellness standards. With a philosophy rooted in respecting local traditions while endorsing sustainable measures, ELE | NA aims to make a profound impact in these dynamic markets.
The brand conveyed profound gratitude to its dedicated team, unwavering clientele, and partners, who have been paramount in clinching this esteemed award and facilitating its growth trajectory.