Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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Zakwan Ahmed: A Sales Success Story in Maldives' Hospitality Secto

Zakwan Ahmed, the Assistant Director of Sales & Contracting at THE OZEN COLLECTION, a brand by the esteemed hospitality company Atmosphere Core, recently shared insights on his inspiring journey within the Maldives' hospitality sector. From his humble beginnings as a waiter, Ahmed has scaled the industry through sheer determination and unrelenting dedication, attesting to the vast opportunities within the industry.
Ahmed initiated his career in the tourism industry as a waiter, but ambition and his passion for sales prompted a shift towards a new field. "In 2017, I landed a role as a Sales Coordinator and then gradually climbed the ranks to the position of Assistant Sales Manager," he recounted. When Atmosphere Core launched THE OZEN COLLECTION in 2020, comprising two luxury resorts - OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI and OZEN LIFE MAADHOO, Ahmed seized the opportunity to join the fledgling brand. He now serves as the Assistant Director of Sales & Contracting.
When asked about his secret to success in the challenging field of sales, Ahmed shared that his dedication, resilience, product knowledge, adaptability, and most importantly, his passion for the field had been instrumental. "If you love the work, you grow even faster," he expressed. His career not only stands testament to this belief but also shines a light on how effectively leveraging internal opportunities can shape one's career trajectory.

As the Assistant Director of Sales & Contracting, Ahmed is tasked with managing key partnerships, negotiating contracts, and developing strategic plans to drive sales. His role also requires him to represent the brand at industry events and sales missions, broadening the resorts' visibility on the global hospitality map.

When speaking of THE OZEN COLLECTION, Ahmed's pride was palpable. He emphasized the resorts' personalized approach and commitment to luxury, offering guests a range of experiences from rejuvenating spa treatments to thrilling water sports and authentic cultural experiences, all amidst stunning natural beauty.

Ahmed's journey in sales has fulfilled his personal and professional dreams, allowing him to travel globally and experience new cultures. From his first business trip to OTM Mumbai and ITB Berlin in 2019, he has now represented THE OZEN COLLECTION at various renowned sales events. "Connecting with partners in their home base makes it easier to understand the nuances of the market, leading to more effective sales strategies," he stated.

For those considering a career in hospitality, Ahmed's advice is simple and encouraging: "Don't give up, work hard, and the final result will be very sweet." Despite the challenges and the inevitable need to step out of one's comfort zone, the hospitality industry offers immense growth opportunities, making the journey worthwhile.

Ahmed's journey is a testament to the vast opportunities within the hospitality industry and serves as an inspiration for those willing to take the plunge. From waiter to Assistant Director, Ahmed's relentless journey in the hospitality industry exemplifies the power of dedication, hard work, and passion.