Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Atmosphere Core Completes Grand Tour Of Seven Resorts For Culture Reignite

Reigniting the core purpose of ‘Joy of Giving’ through shared values, promises, and rituals.
Atmosphere Core recently completed a grand 4-day Culture Reignite tour from 18 to 21 May 2023 across seven resorts. Key activities included unveiling of the Culture DNA book, culture video, and a comprehensive culture tool kit with wave cards and cue cards. At each resort, the Joy of Giving spirit was shining through the festivities. Charming cultural performances from the Maldives and around the world as well as speeches by senior leadership enriched the experience.
The recently launched Culture DNA book encapsulates the company’s philosophy, core values, vision, mission, rituals, and symbols, guiding the mindset and behaviour of each person in the Atmosphere family.
‘Joy Of Giving’ has always been the guiding philosophy at Atmosphere Core. This philosophy is reflected in every aspect, ranging from the generous holiday plans to guest interactions, from company policies to the way colleagues treat each other. The Culture Reignite program reinforces the core values, ensuring that every employee embraces the Atmosphere Way, which is to Anticipate, Craft, and Elevate everything they do.
The tour unfolded as follows, with an entourage of senior leaders and partners from the Corporate Office who travelled to each of the resorts.
• Day 1 – Culture Reignite at OBLU Xperience Ailafushi and OBLU SELECT Lobigili
• Day 3 – Culture Reignite at OBLU SELECT Sangeli and VARU By Atmosphere
• Day 4 – A heartfelt celebration at Atmosphere Kanifushi – the company’s first property in the Maldives.