Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Emotional Confrontation: Martyr's Son Brands First Lady Fazna Ahmed as "Traitor

MALE, Maldives – A public confrontation emerged last evening in the Hiyaa flat area when First Lady Fazna Ahmed, wife of President Ibrahim, was verbally confronted by Ahmed Irubal, the son of a martyr from the 1988 November 3rd insurgency.
The incident took a more profound resonance when it was revealed that Irubal's father; Abdul Sattar Adam, was one of the 19 Maldivians killed during the November 3 attacks attributed to First Lady Fazna's father, Sikka Ahmed Ismail.
Reliving the haunting memory of his father's martyrdom, Irubal recounted his shock upon seeing the First Lady. "When I saw her [Fazna], I was shocked, which is why I referred to her as 'Baghi [traitor] Fazna'," explained Irubal. "While on my way to buy a pastry for my child, I encountered Fazna, and upon seeing her, I began calling out to her. My father was shot and thrown into the ocean," he shared, recalling the harrowing experience of witnessing his father's fate.
Amid the confrontation, The Commoners Friendship Association intervened, confirming Ahmed Irubal's role in the incident. First Lady Fazna later revealed on social media that she was harassed by two individuals, identifying them as opposition activists, who called her a "traitor."
The political undertones of the incident are underscored by the history of the November 3 attacks. Sikka Ahmed Ismail Manik, the father of First Lady Fazna, was convicted in connection with the November 3 coup. Initially, he served two years in prison. He then underwent medical treatment in India for nearly four years, followed by a bypass surgery in London. He eventually returned to the Maldives, having received a pardon from then-President Maumoon.
Luthufee of H. Hajara, considered the mastermind behind the attack, previously asserted that Sikka had given direct orders to assassinate President Maumoon.
The incident brings to light the long-lasting impact and pain that historical political events continue to have on Maldivians. The direct confrontation between First Lady Fazna and Irubal serves as a poignant reminder of the intertwined lives and tragedies that have shaped the nation's past.