Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Maldives National Defense Force

Foreign Intelligence Warns of Dangerous Conspiracy Involving India and Maldivian Government

Male, Maldives – Troubling reports have emerged regarding potential covert operations aimed at harming not just Maldivian leaders but also foreigners, including diplomats and senior officials residing in the country.
An anonymous senior official from the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) revealed to The Maldives Journal (TMJ) that the government might be orchestrating what is termed a "false flag operation" in collaboration with India. According to this source, a foreign intelligence agency alerted MNDF about these unsettling plans.
The informant divulged, “They plan to pin this on religious extremists and then also on the opposition.”
This clandestine plot reportedly involves physically injuring, or even potentially killing, current ruling party leaders as well as certain foreigners. The operations may be an attempt to cast blame upon religious extremists and opposition parties.
This revelation comes on the heels of a recent setback for President Solih in the polls. After facing defeat in the first round of elections, the informant suggests that this possible move by the government could be a strategy to buy more time before the second round.
“The ultimate goal might be to discredit the opposition, announce a state of emergency, and then delay the election,” further shared the MNDF official.
What makes the matter even more alarming is the alleged inaction of the Maldives Police Service (MPS). The MNDF source has claimed that the MPS was informed about these potential threats but has yet to take any significant steps in response.
TMJ reached out to the Maldives Police Service to gain their perspective on the matter. However, as of press time, the police have not provided a comment.