Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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Dr. Muizzu Pledges a Three-Phase Salary Hike to Bolster Economic Growth

In a recent appearance on the 'Ask Muizzu' program, Dr. Muizzu, the presidential candidate representing the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and People's National Congress (PNC), outlined his vision for a structured salary augmentation within both the independent and government sectors over a five-year period if elected president.
A concerned citizen questioned the feasibility of Dr. Muizzu's promise to significantly augment the military and police salaries, given the existing economic scenario and the government's budgetary constraints. Addressing these concerns, Dr. Muizzu elucidated his phased approach toward salary adjustments. The plan, as detailed, is to distribute the salary enhancements over three phases—each accounting for a 35 percent increase. The first phase is slated for 2024, followed by the second phase in 2026, and the final phase in 2028.
"Such fiscal changes can't be enforced overnight. It's a gradual process, in 2024, 35% of it will be implemented, followed by another 35% in 2026. Finally, in 2028, the remaining 35% will be carried out," said Dr. Muizzu. He assured that not just the armed forces and the police, but also other uniformed bodies like correctional services, immigration, customs, as well as employees in independent sectors and other government offices would witness a positive change in their salaries over this five-year span.
Dr. Muizzu emphasized the acute necessity for initiating positive shifts in the Maldivian economy. Achieving such a transformation, according to him, requires a concerted effort toward economic development and income augmentation. He remains optimistic that the stipulated three-phase salary adjustment will be a significant step in this direction. Under the banner of PPM/PNC’s 3-year long economic plan, Dr. Muizzu is committed to fostering a thriving Maldivian economy which, he believes, is the cornerstone for actualizing the proposed salary enhancements.
This pledge from Dr. Muizzu comes at a time when the Maldivian economy is in dire need of revitalization. It remains to be seen how this well-structured, phased approach towards salary amendments will be received by the public and how it will be integrated into the broader economic development strategy of the Maldives.
Dr. Muizzu's assurance on a systematic, phase-wise salary increment could potentially usher in a new era of economic prosperity, while also addressing the longstanding grievances concerning the salary structures in both government and independent sectors. His vision underscores a hope for a financially secure and economically robust Maldives, underlined by a more equitable distribution of wealth among its workforce.