Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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President Nasheed

Nasheed Alleges MDP Bribed MPs; Police Decline Investigation

MALÉ – Speaker of Parliament, President Nasheed, has lodged an official complaint with the Maldives Police Service, accusing the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) of bribing members of parliament.
The allegations surfaced after two MPs from Nasheed's party, The Democrats, made a sudden switch to the MDP. Nasheed claims this move was a result of illicit incentives offered by the ruling party.
Despite the gravity of the allegations, Maldives Police Service has declined to pursue an investigation. The reasons behind this decision remain undisclosed.
Furthermore, President Solih is currently under scrutiny for purportedly rallying political heavyweights under his banner through questionable means. Accusations of cash handouts and bribes being given to members of rival parties are also making the rounds, painting a tense political landscape in the archipelago.
The implications of these allegations, if proven true, could have significant repercussions on the Maldivian political climate.