Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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President Nasheed

Solih Accused of Backing Narco Trafficking and Drug Legalization by Nasheed

President Mohamed Nasheed, in a significant move, has accused incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih of supporting narco trafficking and endorsing the legalization of certain drugs. This accusation was made at an event organized by The Democrats Party in Addu City.
Nasheed raised concern over the stance of MP Jabir, a close ally of Solih, who has publicly advocated for the legalization of some drugs. "Jabir says that, if Solih is reelected, then some drugs will be legalized. This is not funny and something to be joked about," Nasheed said.
In a striking allegation, Nasheed said that President Solih's silence in the face of such controversial statements made by Jabir indicates his implicit support. President Solih has neither condemned nor commented on MP Jabir's statement, which was aired on a popular TV show.
This political dispute comes on the back of a series of questionable pardons by President Solih. Critics have pointed out that President Solih has pardoned several individuals who were serving life sentences for drug trafficking offenses. Despite multiple queries, the Solih administration has not offered any explanation for these pardons, causing further controversy.
It should be noted that President Solih was convicted for selling alcohol in his youth, a crime for which he was banished to a remote island.