Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Election Commission Greenlights 'The Democrats': New Chapter for Nasheed Supporters

In a notable move, the Election Commission (EC) has approved the registration of 'The Democrats', a newly-formed political entity led by former Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) lawmakers loyal to President Mohamed Nasheed. The decision marks a pivotal shift in Maldivian politics, with the emergence of a new political landscape.
Hassan Latheef, the member of parliament from Henveuru West constituency and a close confidante of Nasheed, proposed the formation of The Democrats. In a monumental show of unity, an inaugural assembly held on July 5 attracted more than 500 attendees, significantly exceeding the anticipated crowd of 300. The assembly concluded with the ratification of the party's name, logo, and fundamental rules, effectively establishing its identity in the Maldivian political arena.
President Mohamed Nasheed, though yet to officially join The Democrats, graced the assembly with his presence and has been consistently involved in the party's functioning through his participation in multiple meetings and discussions. According to a party statement, Nasheed is projected to officially pledge his allegiance to The Democrats on Thursday.
Ismail Habib, Vice President of the Election Commission, confirmed the unanimous decision to include The Democrats in the list of recognized political parties. This follows the successful completion of all required formalities for the party's registration.