Tuesday 16th Apr 2024
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Munu Mahawar

Indian Ambassador to the Maldives Wrongly Attributes RCC's Work to Indian Companies

MALE, July 9 — At a recent function to hand over the keys of the newly completed One Central Park Residential Building in Hulhumale', the Indian Ambassador to the Maldives, Moonu Mahawar, erroneously credited Indian companies for the successful construction of the building.
In his statement, Mahawar claimed the speedy and quality construction of the One Central Park Residential Building to be proof of the prowess of Indian companies in conducting housing projects. "The project is an indication that Indian companies have the capacity to complete the work on time and do quality work," said Mahawar.
However, the building was primarily built by the Maldivian company, Raseehd Carpentry and Construction (RCC), not an Indian entity. Although Sandal Mauritius, an Indian company, was the main contractor, they subcontracted the construction work to RCC, making RCC the key player in the execution of this MVR 203 million project.
The statement from the Indian Ambassador comes amidst growing discontent and protests against Indian companies over delayed social housing projects in the Maldives. Indian companies are currently facing criticism for not meeting agreed deadlines and failing to pay employee salaries, stirring significant controversy within the local community.
The most notable delay has been on the Villimale' Bridge, deemed India's largest project in the Maldives. The government has publicly announced that the bridge's construction would not be completed within the agreed timeframe, adding fuel to the existing disputes surrounding the performance of Indian companies in the country.
As a response to the claims by Ambassador Mahawar, many are calling for an accurate portrayal of the successful completion of projects in the country, highlighting the capabilities of local firms such as RCC.