Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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UTF Agreement

Indian HC letter to Defense Ministry leaked

A letter sent from the High Commission of India in the Maldives to the country’s Ministry of Defense has been leaked.
The leaked letter was shared to Dhiyares by a senior staff at the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF). The letter, dated 19th July 2022, was stamped by the Defense Wing of the Indian High Commission.
In the letter, the High Commission had informed that ‘a team of 18-20 nominated representatives from firms shortlisted for identification of potential developer for UTF harbor at Sifavaru would be visiting Maldives for a site survey from 25-27 July 2022.’

The agreement for UTF development has been a tightly held secret of the Solih administration. The little information available information has the Indian military personnel stationed at the base for 30 years.

Dhiyares had petitioned Information Commissioner’s Office of the Maldives (iCOM) to reveal details of the agreement. Defense Ministry had refused to comply, opting to go to High Court.

Several high-profile lawyers have argued that the agreement with India for the development of UTF was unconstitutional. Opposition Progressive Congress Coalition had pledged to nullify the agreement if they come to power.