Friday 1st Dec 2023
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President Nasheed

Nasheed Parts Ways with the Maldivian Democratic Party

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, on Wednesday, announced his departure from the dominant political party in Maldives, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).
Nasheed broadcasted his decision via a tweet, drawing an end to his long association with the party. An attached resignation letter stated his belief that remaining with the MDP was no longer an optimal strategy. "Believing that maintaining my membership in the party isn't the most judicious course of action, I formally submit my resignation," Nasheed's tweet stated.
In a news conference held at the parliament premises earlier this week, Nasheed had voiced his struggle with continuing his membership with the MDP. He indicated that his only reason for staying was to facilitate the transition of MDP members to 'The Democrats,' a burgeoning political party developed by his loyalists.
Nasheed has been instrumental in the creation of the MDP and had a significant influence over the party's functions until President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih clinched the presidential nomination for the 2018 elections. Nasheed, up until then, was the most well-liked member within the MDP, wielding full control over the party's decisions.
However, with President Solih's victory, Nasheed's control over the party gradually waned. This resulted in a rift between Nasheed and his supporters and the pro-government MDP members, a discord that has been magnified over the course of this year. This conflict led to a mass exodus in May, with a substantial number of Nasheed's followers, including lawmakers, seceding from the party. Their departure heralded the inception of a new political party, 'The Democrats'.
Mohamed Shifaz, the deputy leader of MDP at the time of the upheaval, also handed in his resignation. Consequently, the MDP currently finds itself in an unstable position, devoid of a leader or a deputy leader.