Friday 29th Sep 2023
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President Yameen

Ex-Pilot, Former Minister to Steer Yameen's Election Campaign

The Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has named two prominent party figures, Captain Mohamed Ameen and Ahmed Nazim, to helm President Yameen's re-election bid amidst ongoing legal turmoil.
Captain Mohamed Ameen, a retired pilot and one of the pioneers in the Maldivian aviation industry, has been entrusted with the role of President Yameen's campaign manager. Ameen is a distinguished figure, having held senior positions at Maldivian, the national carrier, after retiring from active flying duty. His appointment comes at a critical time for the PPM, as they look to navigate through a politically turbulent period for the party and the nation.

The party has also appointed Ahmed Nazim, the former Health Minister under President Yameen's administration, as the deputy campaign manager. Nazim, known for his pivotal role in orchestrating transformative changes in the Maldivian health sector, brings in valuable experience. Among his many accomplishments during his tenure as Health Minister, the construction of the state-of-the-art Dharumavantha Hospital in the capital city of Male stands out, demonstrating a commitment to world-class healthcare facilities in the country.

Both Ameen and Nazim are prominent members of PPM's senate, the party's highest decision-making body. Their appointment signifies a strategic decision by the PPM to leverage the rich experiences of these individuals, as they strive to tackle the unique challenges presented by the incumbent President Yameen's legal circumstances.

Indeed, these appointments come at a tumultuous time for President Yameen, who is currently serving an 11-year jail sentence. Opposition factions have accused the incumbent administration of political motivations behind the sentence, leading to a contentious political climate. The sentence has been appealed at the high court, though hearings are yet to commence.

As the PPM gears up for the upcoming election campaign, the appointments of Ameen and Nazim could be instrumental in navigating the party through these uncertain skies. Their leadership will undoubtedly shape the discourse of the campaign in the coming months.