Friday 1st Mar 2024
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Defense Ministry Mutes Public Dissent on Twitter Amid Concerns Over Indian Military Presence

The Maldivian Defense Ministry and the Maldives National Defense Force have recently turned off the comments section for their official Twitter accounts. This move comes as the public started expressing their discontent with the Indian military presence in the Maldives during Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh's visit to the country.
Rajnath Singh is currently on a three-day visit to the Maldives, where he is discussing further military agreements with the nation. The visit has sparked a wave of anger and unhappiness among the Maldivian public, who are increasingly concerned about the growing Indian military presence and its implications for their nation's sovereignty.
The decision to disable comments on the official Twitter accounts of the Maldivian Defense Ministry and National Defense Force appears to be an attempt to stifle public dissent on the issue. Despite this move, many Maldivians have found a way to voice their frustrations by quote-tweeting the ministry's tweets about the Defense Minister's visit.
The situation highlights the growing public sentiment against the Indian military presence in the Maldives. This sentiment has been fueled by concerns over the lack of transparency around military agreements between the two countries and the increasing number of Indian military personnel stationed in the Maldives.
The #IndiaOut movement has gained traction on social media, with many Maldivians expressing their fears about their nation's independence being compromised by the Indian military presence. The growing discontent underscores the need for the Maldivian government to address these concerns and ensure that any military collaboration with India is transparent and respects the sovereignty of the Maldives.
As the situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the Maldivian government will respond to the public outcry and whether any changes will be made to the military agreements with India. In the meantime, the voices of the Maldivian people continue to grow louder in their call for transparency and protection of their nation's sovereignty.