Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Anti Corruption Commission

Financial Statements of Anti-Corruption Commission Members Unavailable on Website

It has been revealed that the financial statements of none of its members have been visible on the website for quite some time now. The Maldives Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is mandated to promote and protect integrity, transparency, and accountability in public service, and to prevent and combat corruption.
Independent institutions, including the ACC, including the President, Cabinet Ministers, senior government officials, and future commissions and councils are also required to submit financial statements. However, despite the requirement for ACC members to make their financial statements public, no member's financial statements can be found on their website. It is not clear why their financial statements are not being made public.
The ACC currently has President Adam Shamil, Vice-President Abdul Salam, Thoha Mohamed, Shiyama Mohamed, and Shazna Hashim as members. There have been instances in the past where senior officials of various government departments, including ministers, have not made their financial statements public.

Even if the financial statement is made public, there is no way to ensure that the information contained in the financial statement is authentic. As per the general practice, financial statements have to be prepared through an audit firm, but the financial statements of the ministers are prepared by themselves.

The lack of transparency in financial statements by the ACC members raises concerns over their commitment to promote and protect integrity, transparency, and accountability in public service. It also highlights the need for stricter enforcement of financial transparency regulations and accountability measures for government officials.