Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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Ex Minister Shahid

Foreign Minister Shahid travels to London

Maldives Foreign Minister, Abdulla Shahid, has traveled to London to participate in the Commonwealth Foreign Ministers' conference. This is his third country visit in the last few days, with the previous visits being to Qatar and Germany. In addition to the conference, Shahid has claimed that he will be meeting with various UK government ministers to develop successful strategic dialogues.
The Commonwealth Foreign Ministers' conference is an important platform for member countries to discuss issues of mutual concern and develop a shared agenda for future collaboration. The conference also presents opportunities for member states to strengthen their bilateral relationships and explore new avenues for cooperation.
However, Shahid's travel expenses have sparked controversy in the Maldives. He is known to spend millions of taxpayer's money every year on his travels. Furthermore, his official asset declaration states that he owns a house in the United Kingdom and bills taxpayers whenever he visits London to see his son, who holds a senior position at the Maldivian High Commission in London.