Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Afcons Workers Threatened for Protesting Unpaid Salaries and Food in Addu City

Some staff members of Afcons Infrastructure Limited who are working on the road development project in Addu City have sought protection from the local police after being threatened by the company. The workers had been protesting against the non-payment of their salaries and food.
According to the employees who went to the police station, they were threatened with physical violence when they began protesting, and sought protection from the authorities. The staff members claim that they have not received their salaries for a long time, and that their food supply has also been disrupted. They further revealed that they have been forced to work, even when they are unwell.
The government has yet to comment on the situation, and it has been four days since Afcons staff members in Addu City went on strike and protested. Two councillors from Addu City visited the employees to inquire about their grievances.

In an effort to resolve issues related to the project and accelerate road construction in Addu City, Planning Minister Ahmed Aslam has arrived in the area.

Neither the government nor Afcons Infrastructure Limited has issued any statement regarding the employees' protest so far.