Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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EPA Sues AFCONS Over Non-Payment of Fine

The EPA has decided to take the matter to court after the project developer, AFCONS, failed to pay 69 million MVR as a fine within the one month time frame given to them for the damage to a reef caused by a barge used in the construction of the Thilamalé Bridge.
AFCONS is being sued for their non-payment of a 69,411,800 MVR fine from the EPA after a geographical assessment by the EPA and a survey conducted by AFCONS themselves.
A platform used for the survey of the Malé-Vilimalé bridge hit the shore of Vilimalé along with big waves on August 16th last year. The bridge's Indian company, AFCONS, sank the platform 12 days later after huge public outcry. The platform crashed into the shore and caused irreparable damage to the oceanic ecosystem of the island. The platform legs had penetrated four parts of the reef, creating large holes and damaging the reef itself.
When the EPA decided to fine AFCONS, AFCONS appealed the decision to the Ministry of Environment. However, the Environment Ministry has decided not to waive the 69 million MVR fine owed by AFCONS.
AFCONS has also applied for an interim order in the Civil Court seeking a stay on the fine order. However, the Civil Court ruled that such an order could not be issued.