Saturday 30th Sep 2023
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Foreign Ministry Keeps Names of World Leaders Seeking President Solih's Economic Formula Confidential

The Maldives Foreign Ministry has refused to disclose the names of world leaders who are said to have requested the Maldivian government to share the "formula" used by President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih for the country's economic recovery. In a recent statement by Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid, he claimed that the economic recovery of the Maldives was a result of President Solih's leadership and that the country is now being held up as an example for the rest of the world.
However, The Maldives Journal has learned that no world leader has actually made such a request. The information request submitted by the Maldives Journal was rejected by the Foreign Ministry, stating that information exchanged via diplomatic channels is classified and exempt from the Right to Information Act.
Despite the government's claims of a successful economic recovery, the Maldives is facing significant economic challenges. The International Monetary Fund has issued warnings about the country's economic situation and renowned investment bank JP Morgan's research division has stated that the Maldives is on the brink of financial insolvency. Additionally, the rapid depletion of the Maldives' foreign currency reserves highlights the country's current economic struggles.
It is important to note that a country's economic recovery is a complex process that involves multiple factors, including government policies, private sector investments, consumer spending, and global trade and tourism trends. The statement made by the Foreign Minister appears to be a political rhetoric rather than a reflection of the actual state of the Maldivian economy.