Saturday 30th Sep 2023
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President Yameen

President Yameen to India: You cannot buy leaders of PPM!

Opposition leader Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has said that his party's leaders cannot be bought by India.
President Yameen, while targeting India at the ongoing opposition rally, said that ppm/PNC leaders cannot be bought by India even if other Maldivian political leaders can be bought by India.
Taking a dig at India, Yameen asked why India was angry with him.
"What makes India angry with me? This is my country," Yameen said. He said the country is not Modi's country and it is not an Indian state.
Even tonight President Yameen reiterated his call for the withdrawal of Indian troops from the Maldives.
"I am telling the Indian government to remove the Indian army from here," Yameen said
He further stated that he might be jailed due to Indian pressure, but his commitment to the India out movement will be steadfast.
After President Yameen was released from an earlier prison sentence, he launched a massive campaign calling for the withdrawal of Indian troops from the country. However, the government issued a resolution banning the India Out campagin.